Our Story

We began as a group of trail riding enthusiasts who enjoyed taking in the beauty of our region by horseback. Riding is more fun as a group, so we often found ways to band together for rides. One of our riders began musing along the trail – “What if we could use these rides to help others?”

Benefit Trail Rides of Virginia (BRTV) was born.

Our first benefit ride was in the Fall of 2016, and started off at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, Virginia, at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. A large group gathered, we had a wonderful ride, and after our expenses were covered, we were able to make a charitable donation to the Special Operations Warriors Foundation.

That’s how it works. We pick a charity, you join us in putting together a trail team of riders, and we donate our proceeds to that designated approved charity. Since we’re a 501(c)(3) and we only donate to other nonprofits, your sponsorship donations are tax deductible.

We arrange the venue and permits, set up basic liability insurance, mark the trails with convenient check points, and stage a lunch area. You bring horses and tack. The more riders and the larger the sponsorship you help us attract, the larger the donation we’re able to make to our designated charity.

It’s easy to sign up to ride or pay to sponsor a ride. You’ll make new friends, enjoy trails that are perfect for any equestrian skill level, and help someone in need at the same time.

Ride for Fun – Support a Good Cause.

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